Shutter Island

Title: Shutter Island

Director: Martin Scorsese

Year: Feb 09, 2010 (2010-07-08)

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio , Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley


US Marshal Teddy Daniels must investigate a disappearances of a murder at a hospital for the criminally insane but during his stay he finds out that there is more to the hospital than what is on the surface.


Shutter Island tells the story of Teddy Daniels and his partner as they investigate a hospital for the criminally insane. As they are doing investigating they discover there are connections to Teddies past and his connection to the prisoners and the staff.

The actors in this film are all wonderful actors who each bring a different attribute to films and each have their own unique acting style.

Leonardo DiCaprio I think is a Interpreters because with each film each plays a new character and he is able to create a character that is his and you see this with his acting. He is able to make you believe that you are not watching someone we have seen many times over but someone is able to take a role and put himself into the shoes of the character. Leonardo is also a star and with that alone he is able to sell himself and the movies he makes with great quality acting and roles.

Mark Ruffalo I would say he is a wild card because when you watch him in the movies he is an actor who not only plays in movies where he is able to be dramatic like in the movie Thanks for sharing he also able to show his fun side with movies like the avengers where he helped define the character of Bruce Banner.

Ben Kingsley I would say is also a wild card because he is a great actor who can fill the role from dramatic to crazy he is one actor who has and many years to perfect his acting style and plays to each role with an unpredictable results.


Ben Kingsley although a wild card actor can be attributed with being a Interpreters because he is able to put his own unique take on a character and make it his own. In the movie Iron Man he took the role of the Mandarin and made it a fantastic crazy character while in the movie Shutter island he able to convince the audience that he a doctor who takes care of the crazy people and knows more about Teddy than everyone. Ben in my opinion is able to transform any role and make it his own.

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